Great Budget Beauty Buys

I absolutely love the store ‘& Other Stories’. When I go there with my Mum she spends hours looking at the clothes and shoes, and I spend hours looking at the jewellery and makeup. It is the store with something for everyone. I went in the other day and found some great beauty buys that won’t break the bank.

photo 2 (23)

First up, this Concealer Quad (£12). It consists of 4 different skin tone colours designed to suit any concealing needs. However, it should be called a contour quad because that is what it does best. With 4 vastly varied cream colours, this can be used to highlight and contour a multitude of skin tones.

And speaking of contouring, they also have a Face Contour Cream for £10

photo 3 (16)

It looks very dark but with the right amount of blending (I recommend a Beauty Blender Sponge) you will be able to sculpt and define brand new cheek bones and a thinner nose.

And lastly, my favourite, is this much more affordable alternative to NARS’ Matte Multiple (albeit they aren’t matte)

photo 1 (24)

These Multi Tint Sticks (£10) can be used, as the name implies, a multitude of ways,. Cheeks, eyes, lips, whatever you want. They come in 6 colours ranging from the very light shimmery, to a deep bronze. And the best part is you could get 3 for the price of 1 NARS Matte Multiple.

I promise I am not on the & Other Stories pay roll in any way, I just really love this shop. If you can’t get to the store itself, try their website


Miracle Product of the Month: April

My miracle product this month is MUCH cheaper than last months and is perfect for getting your skin ready to bare. 


It is the Frozen Verbena Body Scrub from & Other Stories (£7)

& Other Stories is a store that is the child of H&M and sister to Cos, it is located on Regent Street. Not only does this store sell amazing clothes, jewellery, lingerie and shoes, but it also has a huge beauty section full of it’s own brand makeup and beauty products, and other great brands such as This Works. Their own brand has tons of different scents, and each scent has it’s own line of products such as lotions, hand creams, soaps, cleansers etc. My favourite of these is the Frozen Verbena. It is a gorgeous and fresh citrus smell with a hint of mint. Moroccan Tea is also another favourite of mine, but it makes me thirsty. The store has a huge sink with each of the body scrubs of all the different scents open next to it ready to try. You rub some on the back of your hand, wash it off in the sink using one of the posh soaps, then moisturise with their selection of lotions ready to try and you will leave with brand new hands. This makes your skin so soft, you have to try it to believe it. 


A little goes a long way so one tub will last you a while, and when it’s finished just return the packaging to the shop and get 10% off your next beauty purchase. And go now, because they are giving away free Easter gifts with every purchase! This is not just a great exfoliating product, it also moisturises and leaves your skin smelling amazing till you next get in the shower. So for £7 it’s a no-brainer.