L’Oreal Elvive ‘Fibrology’ Review

My hair is pretty fine, so I was excited to try the L’Oreal Elvive Fibrology Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner, even if they did make up a word. (‘Fibrology’?? Come on)


It’s inexpensive (£3.99 each in boots, or currently 3 for £10) and after one use I have to say I did notice I was having a particularly good hair day.

photo 1 (21) photo 2 (20)

(Please forgive the dirty mirror) My hair does look quite a bit thicker than normal here and still looks good the morning after:

photo (33)

I didn’t use any other conditioning treatments or products, except for my usual argan oil and then left my hair to dry naturally. It could just be because when you change shampoos your hair always looks better for the first couple of weeks, but at such a good price, I would definitely buy this product.

A few reviews I’ve read say that it didn’t do much for them after the first wash but after a few weeks they started to notice a real difference in their hair’s health and thickness, so I imagine if I kept using this the results would get even better. So it has my recommendation.

My new favourite shampoo: Sulphate Free!

Sulphates, usually in the form of Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS), have been used in shampoos for decades. They act as a de greaser and a foaming agent, removing oils from your hair and helping the shampoo to reach that lather that makes us feel like it is really cleaning our hair. They are also used by mechanics to clean car engines. They don’t remove oils from our hair, they strip the oils away, leaving our hair dry and brittle. 

The more we find out about the effects of sulphates on hair, the more popular sulphate-free shampoo becomes. The worst effect they have? Stopping hair growth. Sulphates can cause scalp irritation and blockage of pores, blocking your hair from growing. It’s no wonder when you find out that dermatologists use sulphates to simulate a skin condition in order to test treatments. 

I am currently using this inexpensive shampoo which my hair just loves


I love the way this shampoo makes my hair look. It almost looks instantly thicker and longer. The last shampoo that did this was John Frieda’s Full Repair. 

This particular shampoo from the Everstrong range focuses on dry and brittle hair, making it supple and less prone to breakage. I’ve only used it for a couple of washes so far, but I think my hair can tell the difference. Sometimes hair gets used to a certain shampoo, however, and it stops working after a few weeks. I have heard that this is because of sulphates, so this one shouldn’t stop working, but I’ll let you know.