5 French pharmacy brands that you can get in the UK

There used to be a time when you had to stock up on half a years supply of these products when visiting France, but now the UK has coined on to the popularity of these brands and they are now available in most (decent) pharmacies. These are the brands that models swear by.

  1. Bioderma


This gentle cleanser removes all makeup and dirt while still being as kind to your skin as pure water. Great for sensitive skin (£3-9.99)

  1. Embryolisse


This cult classic is now available in the UK thanks to BeautyMart. The Lait Creme Concentré is one of Makeup Artists’ and Models’ favourite moisturisers. It contains Shea Butter, Aloe Vera, beeswax and soy proteins. (£13)

  1. Caudalie


This brand has some great best sellers, and quite a few stockists in the UK including SpaceNK. They have hero products such as Vinexpert Firming Serum (£45), Divine Oil (£27) and SOS Morning Eye Rescue (£18). However, although they are a pharmacy brand, these are not pharmacy prices. This stuff is hella expensive, so maybe not for everyday.

  1. Eau Thermale Avene

Water Spray with splashing water

These products are so pretty to look at, and they have a huge range of products to tackle all kinds of skin problems from rosacea to psoriasis. My favourite Avene product is their Spring Water spray (£10). This is a cooling spray that stays cool. Perfect in summer when you feel all grotty from the tube, or for using in a hot car. I don’t know why it feels so much cooler than other water sprays, but it just does.

  1. Klorane


Klorane is a hair care brand that also does makeup remover. Their hero product is their gentle dry shampoo, but they also have a range of shampoos and conditioners using plant products to suit all hair problems. Their conditioner was a bit heavy for my fine hair but for thick hair it would be perfect.

Review: Clinique Anti-Blemish treatment

A couple of months ago I went on holiday and forgot all my skin care goos. I was panicking because a week without my various acids, peels and lotions and I’d go back to looking like the pimply teenager I used to be. At the airport I did an emergency run for something spot related. The cheapest product I could find (£18.50 RRP but about £15 at the airport) was the Clinique All-Over Clearing Treatment from the Anti Blemish Solutions line, which incidentally I had been meaning to try. 

Unfortunately, during that week away my skin was terrible. I had more spots that I’d had in about 5 years, and I put it down to the my fancy new Clinique cream not working and when I got home I stopped using it and returned all my old products with vigour to get rid of all those newly acquired spots. It turns out what I thought were spots were just blocked pores from 7 days of sweaty sunbathing and sun tan lotion. (I am yet to find a sun tan lotion for oily skin that won’t cause breakouts.)

So when I ran out of my usual overnight clearing cream I returned to the Clinique one to give it a proper chance in a home environment. And it worked like a charm! 


I am using the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion (a previous Miracle Product of the Month)less and less because I have no spots I need to get rid of. This cream seems to work by preventing spots from appearing in the first place so that I don’t have to deal with them or the messy scars they leave behind. Not only that, but I feel like my old scars are reduced, but that may just be the healing power of time working it’s magic. It does have a bit of a funky smell, but the kind of medical/clinical smell that makes you think it must be the real deal. I’d be very interested in trying the rest of the Anti-Blemish range. 

Overall, I give this product an 8.5/10 for spot treatment ability, a 6/10 for price and a bonus point for reducing redness.