70s makeup tips

Seventies beauty trends are pretty easy to replicate. The makeup was slightly more relaxed than the sixties, before working its way up to the colour explosion of the eighties.

There were four main staples to the looks.

Number One: A ton of bronzer


The seventies was the decade of bronzer. Over applied, and all over the cheeks. The golden goddess look was in.

Number two: Lower lashes


The trend that started in the sixties kept on going, and lower lashes were often more defined than upper lashes.

Number Three: Amber lips


The seventies’ love of bronze didn’t just end with the cheeks. Orange hued lips was the new natural.

Number four: Pastel eyeshadow


Warming up for the bold colours of the eighties, the seventies were also all about coloured eyeshadows, but they tended towards a softer pastel palette.

Follow these steps and you’ll be looking like an extra from Mad Men series 7 in no time.

Which parting works best for your face shape?

It is a common dilemma. Many different partings, which way will suit you? We’ve worked out which glasses to get, but now we have to decide how to part our hair, or whether or not to get bangs. I say wear your hair how you want. However, if you want to know which way is the most flattering, here are the ‘rules’.

For around face shape, a deep side part will add length to your face.


For a square face shape, a side parting is best, but not too deep. Just off centre is the most flattering.


A heart shaped face looks best with a centre parting, or side swept bangs


A centre parting or bangs works best with a long face


And if you have an oval shaped face, you’re lucky. You can wear you hair in any parting you like and always look great.


These ‘rules’ however, are made to be broken. So if you have a round face, for example, and want to rock a centre parting, go for it. With enough confidence you can carry off any look.

Best eyeshadow for your eye colour

Using a colour wheel, you can find out (or internet people can do it for you) which colours best compliment your eye colour. I am most familiar with the best colours for brown eyes (brown, olive green, purple), but this is a really helpful diagram courtesy of alldaychic.com to help you figure out which colours will makes your eyes ‘pop’.


Some people say you cannot wear the same colour shadow as your eye colour, but this proves that wrong. Most places you look will recommend brown eyeshadow for brown eyes and blue eyeshadow for blue eyes. Again, I can only speak for brown eyes, but the purple thing is LEGIT. When wearing purple eyeshadow I have been asked if I was wearing coloured contacts. That only happened one time but I’m still pretty proud of it.

Usually gold is the most recommended colour for blue eyes, but I think blue eyes look really great with a grey smokey eye look. Even though its not in this diagram, I think brown eyeshadow really works with green eyes, too.

Basically, wear any colour you want, but if you want to make your eyes look a deeper brown, a brighter blue or a more dazzling green, follow this advice.



5 Festival Beauty Must-Haves

If you’re headed to a festival this summer, your easiest bet is to go makeup free and shave your head. But lets be realistic. Just because thats easiest, doesn’t mean thats what you’re going to do. The ‘festival’ look is pretty easy to achieve, as it is essentially being unwashed but with flowers in your hair.

The first thing you will need, and this would be the most important for me, is dry shampoo. This way you don’t have to worry about tackling the shower situation.


Batiste does the best value dry shampoo out there and it will keep your hair looking fresh and clean. My hair gets greasy about 16 hours after washing it, so I wouldn’t go anywhere without plenty of Batiste.

Secondly, without showers it may be hard to keep your pores nice and unblocked. Decent face wipes will substitute for a sink and some cleanser. Some face wipes just move the dirt around but these ones will remove any dirt and makeup left on your face after a long day of festival fun.


These cleansing pads are £17 which is a lot for a face wipe but they will look after your skin. Alternatively, everybody’s favourite Simple wipes are a good cheap alternative.


In terms of makeup, you want durability. A decent waterproof mascara that to don’t have to reapply too often will do the trick.


Everyone’s favourite, this mascara is a staple among makeup artists and celebrities. And it retails at around £4.99, or £3.49 which is the current sale price on Asos.com.

You can also use misdirection to distract others from the state of your ‘3rd day in’ festival hair and makeup with these gold temporary tattoos:


These are not only shiny and distracting, but they will also look great with a tan. You can get these almost anywhere, but Asos.com has some for £8:



No one will notice you’ve been wearing the same mascara for three days with these babies all over your body.

Finally, no festival look is complete without fake flowers.


These hair grips are £12 from Asos. With these decorating your hair, you will no doubt look the part. And at the end of the day, everyone will be having too much fun to notice anyone else’s hair and makeup situation. The great thing about festivals is you’re all in the same boat. The most important thing is to have fun (and keep your valuables on you at all times).

A solid Patrick Bateman beauty tip

I love peel-off face masks because they’re fun to do and they’re good for my skin, but I always feel like Patrick Bateman whenever I take them off.

That aside, these are a couple of peel-off masks I love.


The first is the Montagne Jeunesse Manuka Honey Peel-off mask. It retails most places for around £1 which is a bargain. The honey is antibacterial which is great for spots and I always feel like peel off masks target deeper inside your pores.


The second mask I love is Boots’ Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Peel-Off mask. It comes in a tube with multiple applications worth inside. The tea tree and witch hazel are also great for spots.

Both these masks are super sticky on application but once they dry they are so fun to peel off and on top of that they do your skin good. Peel away!


Clearasil Review

I remember using these Clearasil Pads as a youth, before I finally went to the doctor for my acne and was prescribed a specialised treatment. But considering what I was up against, they worked pretty hard to clear my skin.

After coming off my prescription treatment a few years ago, I still get the odd breakout. Recently I had one that was worse than ever. Most of my treatments I use now are more cosmetic than clinical but I realised I needed some decent, over-the-counter spot stuff, stat!

I tried various Freederm creams (rubbish) and then remembered that these Clearasil pads held their own pretty well against a 14 year olds acne, so maybe they’d be just what I need now


Sometimes with adult acne, the teenage products are the best you can get over-the-counter. Each pad is infused with a spot treating cocktail, with active ingredient, Salicylic acid. Just rub over problem areas after washing your face. They’re pretty good at keeping spots at bay and drying out existing spots. But if your skin is really bothering you, the best thing to do it go to your doctor. There are some great prescription spot treatments. However, this product works really well for the odd breakout.

African Black Soap: The Miracle Skincare Product


African Black soap has long been praised for its miraculous curative effects on acne. After I came across some in my local health food shop/yoga centre I couldn’t wait to try it.

African Black soap is suitable for all skin types and can be used as a replacement for your ordinary face wash. I was skeptical as to how affective a soap could be on my skin. I never really think that my cleanser has any effect on my skin, because we wash it right off! But after a week I can definitely see some positive changes in my skin. My breakouts are less frequent, my scars are faded, and my skin is so soft.

It has a different effect on everyone, and each batch is unique. Therefore you cannot predict how your skin will react. It can be too drying on some skin and it can even burn, so its a good idea to test it on a small part of your skin before you rub it all over your face. Some people like to cut the raw soap with other ingredients such as shea butter to make it easier on the skin.

As well as being great for acne, it is full of antioxidants, it helps fade discolouration, it is healing and has even been known to be great for exzema and psoriasis. It is definitely worth trying.

How to cover acne with makeup

Having suffered from acne in varying degrees of seriousness over the past ten years, I undertand how important makeup can be. With the right foundation routine, you can achieve the semblance of perfect skin, at least temporarily. That’s a big deal when you have acne.

How to cover up cystic acne

This makeup tutorial takes you through one girls routine in covering up her cystic acne. It’s informative, helpful and relatable. If you are struggling with the nightmare that is acne, I recommend this video. You are not alone in your struggle.

Tea Tree Face Mask Review

I love face masks. I love that feeling when you’ve got a face mask on, and your hair soaking up a treatment in a shower cap with your feet up and a cup of tea. The ritual of the face mask has become so much more than what it actually does for your skin, that I forgot that there are products out there that really do improve your skin.

The Body Shop Tea Tree line has long been praised for its treatment of spot prone skin.

I have been using their Tea Tree Face Mask for months for fun, before I realised that it is actually working wonders on my skin.


There’s plenty in there, I have been using huge amounts for about 3 months and I have only used about half. I use it quite frequently just on my problem areas, and then every now and then I will apply it all over my face for a deep treatment.


Being tea tree, it does leave your skin feeling minty fresh.  That’s the only way to describe it. It tingles. If you have sensitive skin, however, it may be best to use sparingly.

I have really noticed an improvement in my skin since I started using it so I really recommend it to anyone with oily and spot prone skin. Its fun, and it works.

Miracle product: Body Shop Body Butter!

Body Shop Body Butter is officially the best moisturiser I have ever used! Its been around for a while but this is the first time I’ve owned any. I remember a friend in school who used to apply it religiously and she had the softest skin. Now I own some for myself, I feel like I’m finally in on the secret.

photo (4)

I put it on last night after my bath, and this morning my skin feels like it did 5 minutes after applying it! My skin still smells like coconut, its ridiculously soft, and my feet still have that gooey post-pedicure feeling. My hands are softer than they’ve been in months, and I apply hand cream regularly. Normally 5 minutes after moisturising, all traces of moisturiser are gone. But 12 hours after using this product and my skin still has that luxury goddess feeling you get after a hot bath and good moisturiser.

There are so many flavours (scents) that there is bound to be the perfect one for you amongst their vast range. In this house we are coconut heads. We have coconut shampoo, conditioner, body wash, soap…and in the kitchen cupboard theres coconut oil, coconut milk, coconut cream. But if coconut isn’t your jam theres shea butter, cocoa butter, mango, satsuma, strawberry, hemp (!?), olive, honey, pink grapefruit and many more.

If this is already your staple moisturiser, well done. If not, don’t waste any more time! This really is a miracle moisturiser.