My Top Ten Buffy Moments

Tomorrow I am off to Italy for a week. I meant to review a load of products and schedule the reviews to release throughout the week, however life got in the way and I’ve got nothing set to release next week. So I will leave you with something to tide you over. As I didn’t manage to review the products, this is just going to be a post on another passion of mine, Buffy.

My top ten Buffy (and Angel) moments. By top ten, I mean the best written, acted, filmed moments. Not necessarily moments you want to watch over and over again because they can be very emotional. So the top ten are ones that made me feel the most (happy or sad). And moments is a loose term, some are particular scenes, some are whole episodes.

10. Season 4 episode 8 – “Pangs”

When Angel comes back to warn everyone that Buffy is in danger (doy, she’s always in danger), and every one keeps asking “Are you evil again?”


Bonus moment, Spike is tied up and the ancient tribe are shooting arrows that keep narrowly missing his heart:

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9. Balthazar

This is in Season 3 episode 14 – “Bad Girls”.


Basically the most hilarious bad guy ever. Also because this is the episode where we first meet Wesley and it is full of great moments between him and Giles and makes Giles look super cool.

8. Killed By Death

Episode 18 of series 2. This is one of the scariest episodes, and it is the genius of the fever dream feeling combined with the scariest baddy plus vulnerable children that makes it so creepy. Just look at this guy!

BtVS S02E18 Der Kindestod

As if the underbite wasn’t scary enough, he also has disproportionately long fingers, which is the fastest way to make someone look terrifying. In my opinion this guy is scarier than The Gentlemen. I find The Gentlemen too funny to be scary with their sassy little handbags.

7. Spike on the cross

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This is in the second episode of series 7 titled “Beneath You”. Spike has gotten his soul back so that Buffy will love him but it’s made him temporarily a bit insane (due to remorse over the people he killed probably). He has a moment with Buffy in a church where she finally realises he has his soul back and the last shot is of Spike draping himself on a cross and it burning him. It’s brilliant and heartbreaking and SO symbolic of the forgiveness he seeks. It is also the first of many times in the future that we cry for Spike.

spike cross

6. Buffy kills Faith. Kind of.


In “Graduation Day” the season finale (part 1) of series 3, Faith poisons Angel to distract the scoobies from the Ascension. Angel will die unless he drinks the blood of the slayer. So Buffy sets out to bring him just that. Faith’s blood. They have this great fight and at the end Buffy stabs Faith in the stomach with Faith’s own knife. Of course, Faith escapes by falling onto a truck and Buffy has to make Angel drink her own blood which is also another favourite moment. These episodes really show the strength of Buffy’s love for Angel.

5. Out. For. A. Walk. B*tch.

Season 5 episode 5. Spike is in love with Buffy. She finds him lurking in her garden and asks him what he is doing there in “five words or less” Spike’s reply is amazing.


4. Dark Willow

images (2)

One of my all time favourite Big Bads. Evil Willow. The end of series baddy of series 6, Evil Willow is a product of her grief, caused by Warren’s accidental shooting of Tara. She’s fantastic and badass and terrifying with all her flaying power. And she is stopped from destroying the world by love. When Xander cures her by telling her over and over that he loves her, even though she keeps trying to shut him up with painful magic…endless tears. I’m welling up just remembering it. A classic example of the beauty of this show.


3. The Body

When Buffy comes home to find her Mum dead on the sofa, and realises as she says “Mummy?” is one of the most heartbreaking moments in televisual history. The episode that follows, “The Body” (episode 16 series 5), is a fantastic showcase of brilliant acting and writing. It goes from Buffy trying to wake her lifeless mother, to Willow being unable to decide what to wear because it’s the only part of the situation she can control, to Anya’s disbelief that someone she knew who was warm and caring is suddenly no longer living and can’t go back to her body. There is no music or score in this episode, and it is often described as one of the best television episodes, not just of Buffy, of anything, ever broadcast.


2. Buffy kills Angel


The number 2 spot is a tie. Buffy kills Angel in the season finale of series 2, “Becoming”. Angelus has opened up the mouth to hell and in order for it to be closed, Buffy must kill him. Meanwhile Willow is working on a spell to restore Angel’s soul. It works at the last minute. Angelus suddenly goes back to being Angel mid fight but it is too late, Buffy still has to kill him. It’s amazing because not only is it a modern day Romeo and Juliet (except where Juliet has to kill Romeo and live with the pain) but it also shows the strength of Buffy’s moral power, to sacrifice the thing she loves most in order to save the world.

2. The Prom

Joint second place, episode 20 of series 3, “The Prom”. This is a multi cry episode. First, Angel dumps Buffy. The worst part of that is that they both still love each other, but Angel thinks he’s doing what’s best for Buffy. WHY CAN’T THOSE CRAZY KIDS JUST WORK IT OUT?

Then later on at the Prom, Buffy has no one to dance with when she sees Angel walk in wearing a tux (omg) and they dance together for what they know will be the last time.


Also she is awarded Class Protector and given that sparkly umbrella which is another cry moment.

1. I will remember you


Number 1 is from an episode of Angel. Episode 8 of Series 1 of Angel, Angel gets turned human by some demons blood. He realises that as a human he can now be with Buffy and they spend a whole 24 hours together as proper boyfriend and girlfriend. But of course, being Angel, he decides he can’t be human because it would endanger everyone blah blah blah and he manages to convince the Powers That Be to turn back time so the last 24 hours would have never happened. He just has time to tell Buffy what is going to happen and it. is. EMOTIONAL. If I ever need to cry on cue, I’ll just think of that scene. Buffy is inconsolable and breaks everyones hearts by saying “I felt your heart beat.”. Angel tries to tell her that she’ll forget it all, and she is gripping onto him saying “I’ll never forget, I’ll never forget” when the Powers That Be turn back time. Buffy will never know what happened and how happy they were, but Angel will remember forever. If that doesn’t make you bawl your eyes out, you are incapable of tears.

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I know I have left a lot of great moments out, but I wouldn’t be able to fit all my favourite bits in even if it was a top 100. Also fun fact, during the filming of I Will Remember You apparently Sarah Michelle Gellar was actually really crying because she always wanted Buffy and Angel to be together. Those are her real tears. And I don’t know how true this is, but if you listen carefully to that scene you can supposedly hear Angel say “It’s ok, Sarah” instead of calling her Buffy. But I cannot confirm this because I have only ever watched that episode once and can’t bring myself to do it again.

Sorry for all the Buffy, but I will be back to beauty when I get back. I just love Buffy. I’d love to hear about your favourite scenes if any of my readers are Buffy fans. Just comment and let me know!